The End

My stomach churns with old stale coffee, it’s the only thing left in the house. I’m sitting here willing myself to remain calm and to get into the car and drive to the woods. My hands are ice cold and my head pounds in rhythm with the beating of my heart.

I believe Eddie is looking for Sara and that is why he has started to haunt me. Sara got away, I really think she is still alive. For some reason she went to the scene of the accident on Halloween, maybe to confront Eddie? Maybe she was just so scared she didn’t realize where she was driving to. Or just maybe, Eddie lead her there that night to kill her and make her his forever. This time, I’ll lead Eddie to the woods and hope to destroy him and send him to hell forever. If I do this then I’ll either have won and Sara can come back or I’ll die trying to slay Eddie, lose the battle and Sara will never be able to return to her family.

Please pray for me, and if I don’t return never forget my story and please keep looking for Sara.



How do you go about calling a ghost out? In the movies they just appear and wreak havoc, much like Eddie has done with me so far.

As I thought about this I looked out my window and watched the wind picked up the snow off the roof and gather it into misty shapes. The flakes broke apart and scattered in all directions before they became something evil to your eye.

I looked away from the window and sat quietly on my bed and concentrated on Eddie. Nothing happened and I was starting to feel very angry. My anger lead me to thoughts of Sara and her disappearance and I started to feel a heaviness in the air around me. My anger turned to fear when I opened my eyes and Eddie stood before me. How could this be and what have I done, I thought to myself. At first I don’t think he knew where he was because he looked agitated and confused. I called out to him and the more I said his name the more he paid attention to me and started to focus on where he was.

When I saw his eyes clear from his confusion I knew I had him. I was not really prepared for this exchange between the dead and the living. His anger came at me with waves of laughter and taunts. He knew what I wanted. He knew that I loved Sara and he had great fun in teasing me for this. I started to become confused and could not focus and then realized he was in my head. He stood before me and in me all at the same time. I had to block my ideas of Sara running away so as not to give him a way to get to her. Though I myself had no idea where Sara was I did not want this evil creature to hunt her down. As soon as I started to block my thoughts he started to turn things upside down and show me his power. The more I became sure of myself the more he raged against me. I had him just where I wanted him. I asked him simply what happened to Sara out in the woods. His laughter started as a small snicker and bubbled up into a full fledged laugh out loud in your face roar. He would not answer me and then I realized that he didn’t know what happened out there. Though he did remember seeing her and chasing her through the tree’s.

After hours of him taunting me with him changing himself into images of Sara I finally passed out on my bed to wake up hours later in the dark and alone.

I need to go to the woods. I believe now more then ever if I go Eddie will follow me and there I can bury Eddie for good and find out what happened to Sara. I’m going to rest now and go to the woods tomorrow. It will end tomorrow.

The Last Entry


I’ve stayed up all night going over Sara’s journal and her last entry.  This is what her last entry said,

“I pretend like everything is alright, while my world is crashing down around me.  Halloween decorations are up, I attempt to do my school work and life moves on.  But each day brings me images of Eddie.  He follows me, he sees me, he is with me. Sometimes I find it hard to breathe when he is around.  Can I ever get away from him?  I want to run.  ”

Is it as simple as that?  Did she manage to run away from Eddie?

I’ve decided to try and get Eddie to show himself to me and find out if he knows what happened to Sara.  But I’m afraid that if she did run away to be free of Eddie will I be letting her secret out to the one thing that can get to her wherever she is?



Today I quit my job. The day started off well enough but I can’t stand the people any more there. They are always staring at me and I hear their whispers as I walk by. They think I’m crazy but I’m not. I’m the only one that knows, I’m the only one that has seen what Eddie is capable of.

I’m done with them and their laughing at me. I’m done with their sideway looks and little shake of their heads while they’re talking about me. I’m done.

Now I can concentrate on Sara’s journal. Her last entry, yes the last one may lead me to her.

The Sound of Quiet


A silence has covered the house like a blanket.  I keep thinking something outrageous is going to happen.  Doors opening and closing on their own, lights turning off and on but that’s just all in my head because it’s been quiet.  The ticking of the clock is my only company and that sound is almost as maddening as the silence itself.  Though I dare not pull it off the wall and fling it to the ground like I want, because then, well then it would be quiet.

The police still have no idea what happened out there in the woods.  They don’t return my calls, our fliers on the poles and walls around town are turning rigid and old in the cold weather and I sit here wondering what to do next.

I have not given up.  I know I’m not crazy and I think this is how Sara must have felt in the days leading up to her disappearance.




How do you control something that you cannot see, touch, smell or hear? My mind races constantly now with thoughts of Eddie and Sara. Some are saying she ran away since there is still no evidence of her being hurt or dead. I don’t know what to believe anymore. At first I cursed these people who said she ran away, but now I want to run away. If she got away from Eddie, can I too? Is he after me now because he knew Sara’s true feelings for me? Did she leave me here alone to face this evil? Too many questions crowd my brain with no answers. I feel a pull towards the woods but I fight it. The woods, are the woods the answer?



Woke up this morning with Sara’s name on my lips and some snow flurries whipping past my windows. The temperature is only 2 degrees and I find myself shivering uncontrollably though I have layers of clothes and blankets resting on me. I feel frozen to my bones and my head hurts because of the cold.

Yesterday my fears came to life but I did not let them control me. I saw what Eddie was capable of and I had to put that to the back of my mind as I sat and ate Thanksgiving dinner with Sara’s family. It was quite for the most part with small talk coming out in bursts like a machine gun. The usual things were talked about, the weather, work and football. I didn’t know if I should mention Sara and nobody else made a move in that direction so I kept quite. At one point I saw her mom start to breakdown while in the kitchen. I stood in the doorway like a deer in headlights not knowing what to do and happy that she never looked up to find me standing there. Finally my feet lead me away and out the door where the boys played catch with their football.

The few hours I was there seemed to last a life time and I was very happy to say my good byes. As I drove home their looks of helplessness continued to flash across my mind. Can I explain to them what I think happened to Sara. I don’t know if I can explain it to myself.

It’s so cold.



I got out my Sunday best, went and took a long hot shower and came out of the bathroom to find my room in a total mess.  My clothes were thrown around the room, the door was hanging off it’s hinges and the mattress was flipped over.

I raced around searching frantically for Sara’s journal.  I found pieces of the pages torn and crushed beneath the overturned mattress.  The ribbon hung limp with no pages to hold it up.

After the sad sight of the journal I sank down to the floor with just the towel wrapped around me.  Hardly any protection against whatever is after me.  After a few minutes of disbelief I rushed around the room fixing it so as to wipe out what I just found.  This proves to me that something is after me.  And I think it is Eddie.  I’m not crazy, this did happen and now more then ever I want to find out what happened to Sara.

I need to go over to her house soon and put on a happy face.  This thing between me and Eddie is far from over.

Keeping Busy


Work, work, work it’s what needs to get done especially before Thanksgiving.  For my own sanity I need to keep my fingers and mind busy.  After work I’ve been going home and filling the house with noise and lights.  It makes me feel safer to have my mind busy and ears full of normal sounds.  No dreams over the last couple nights, just blissful quite sleep.

Tomorrow I go over to Sara’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  How do I act?  Can we all just sit around and act normal at a time like this?

A Normal Day



I slept most of Sunday, it seems this uncontrolled rage that I can’t explain has just worn me out. I felt better after the hours of slumber and did some normal things around the house.


There were many phone messages that waited to be listened to and the most important was the one from Sara’s mom. She asked if I would come over and have Thanksgiving dinner with them. I called back and said yes but I barley got the word out before her mother was talking about how they felt they should have a normal day for the boys. I told her I understood.


I continue to feel like my old self today so maybe it is Sara’s disappearance that lead me to feel out of sorts for a few days.